Unlocking the Customer Value Chain: How Decoupling Drives Consumer Disruption (Random House) by Thales S. Teixeira

“Thales Teixeira brings a brilliant and incisive intellect—blending fundamental insights with practical guidance—to the urgent question of digital transformation. In Unlocking the Customer Value Chain, he gives us a roadmap for winning the right customers, and for keeping them, amidst the vast wreckage of destroyed business models. Fresh, smart, and strategic—a worthy read!” —Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

cover 1.jpg

Success Through Diversity: Why the Most Inclusive Companies Will Win (Beacon Press) by Carol Fulp

“Convincing and sorely needed work . . . Fulp’s book gives businesspeople the tools they need to prepare for an ever more ethnically and racially diverse society.”—Publishers Weekly


Changeable: How Collaborative Problem Solving Changes Lives at Home, at School, and at Work (TarcherPerigree) by J. Stuart Ablon

"Reaching our full potential requires opening ourselves up to change—even when it’s uncomfortable and scary, or seems impossible. The insights in this engaging book shed light on the real obstacles to change, and how we can overcome them – in ourselves and others. An empowering read.”— Susan David, PhD, bestselling author of Emotional Agility


You Can Stop Humming Now: A Doctor's Stories of Life, Death and In Between (Little, Brown) by Daniela Lamas

“"It casts a steady, unblinking eye on the triumphs, failures, and blind spots of modern medicine: the seemingly miraculous extent of what we can now do for our patients and the crippling disappointment that comes with the realization of what we still cannot."— The Boston Globe


The CEO Next Door: The 4 Behaviors That Transform Ordinary People into World-Class Leaders (Currency) by Elena L. Botelho, Kim R. Powell and Tahl Raz  

“What does it take to succeed at the top? Botelho and Powell offer the answer — and it’s not what you think...Whether you’re running a large organization, or simply have your eye on the corner office, this book should be your guide.”— Daniel H. Pink, author of When and Drive


Hiding in the Bathroom: An Introvert's Roadmap to Getting Out There (When You'd Rather Stay Home) (HarperCollins) by Moira Aarons-Mele

“[A] riveting look at redefining personal approaches to work…bolstered with helpful tools including quizzes and worksheets...The author’s attention-grabbing headlines and subheads...keep the pace quick, while her willingness to share illustrative personal experiences, both good and bad, adds vivid color to the strategies she shares.” ―Publishers Weekly


Putin: His Downfall and Russia's Coming Crash (Thomas Dunne Books) by Richard Lourie

"A master chronicler of modern Russia. Drawing on his own expertise, Lourie paints a convincing portrait of a ruthless authoritarian leader headed toward failure. This book serves as an essential primer on Putin and, by extension, Russia."―Publishers Weekly


Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace (Grand Central Publishing) by Christine Porath

"In her important new book, Christine Porath incisively explores the epidemic of incivility that has infected our workplaces and lives. But rather than simply decry the disease, Porath offers bright, brilliant suggestions for a cure...It is a must read for every leader in every field."―Daniel H. Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive and To Sell is Human


A Perfect Union of Contrary Things (Backbeat Books) by Maynard James Keenan and Sarah Jensen

"This book is for not only followers of Keenan s bands (Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer) but also fans of the 1990s music scene, Lollapalooza, artistic endeavors of all kinds, and those wanting to follow one s own path in life." —Library Journal STARRED Review

The Disney Way 3E: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company (McGraw-Hill) by Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson

“I’ve been obsessed with the enchantment of the Disney empire ever since I was a little girl.  As an adult entrepreneur and CEO, studying Walt Disney’s magical culture is beyond inspiring and motivating.  The Disney Way has become a business handbook for me and my entire team.” —Tyra Banks, Founder and CEO, TYRA Beauty

Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent  (Portfolio) by Sydney Finkelstein

“Superbosses shows the incredible impact that great managers can have, both on their employees and on entire industries... Syd has written a true leadership guide for the Networked Age.”—Reid Hoffman, Co-founder and Chairman of LinkedIn, Co-author of The Alliance

Raising Can-Do Kids: Giving Children the Tools to Thrive in a Fast Changing World  (Perigee Books) by Richard Rende, Phd and Jen Prosek

“Bringing together the latest research on child development with real-world examples, this unique and authoritative book couldn’t be more timely. It offers parents an engaging road map for raising kids who will be primed to both define and pursue their successes in the exciting and complex future that awaits them.”
—Michele Borba, Ed.D., parenting expert, educational psychologist

Power Score: How the Best Teams Deliver Results  (Ballantine Books) by Geoff Smart, Randy Street & Alan Foster

“Shaking distrust out of an organization is hard. But the payoff is immense. Bravo to Smart, Street and Foster for sharing their ideas about how to make that happen.”—Forbes


The Front-Line Leader: Building a High Performance Organization from the Ground Up (Jossey-Bass) by Chris Van Gorder

"Chris's experiences, from the basement to the boardroom, provide an action plan that should be part of every executive's commitment to those whom we ask to join us on the journey."—Richard Umbdenstock, president and CEO, American Hospital Association

Business Without the Bullsh*t: 49 Secrets and Shortcuts You Need to Know (Hachette) by Geoffrey James

“I started reading it and boom, I was on the last page! Business Without the Bullsh*t is a concise masterpiece. James's humor and practical wisdom make every page a joy to read.” —Robert I. Sutton, Stanford professor and author of The No Asshole Rule


It's All About the Guest: Exceeding Expectations in Business and in Life, the Davio's Way (Lyons Press) by Steve DiFillippo

“A veritable handbook … Anyone seriously considering entering the restaurant or hospitality business would do well to spend some time with DiFillippo's entertaining and insightful book.”—Publishers Weekly Starred Review


Making Rain: The Secrets of Building Lifelong Client Loyalty (Wiley) by Andrew Sobel

"Whether business leaders want a steady drizzle or an out-and-out monsoon, they can use Sobel's formula for landing and keeping customers"—Publishers Weekly



It's Not the How or the What but the Who: Succeed by Surrounding Yourself with the Best (Harvard Buisiness Review Press) by Claudio Fernández-Aráoz

“This is an outstanding book, entertaining and informative in equal parts. I highly recommend it to anyone who is responsible for personnel decisions.” —Leading Business Books Blog 


Unleashing the Second American Century: Four Forces for Economic Dominance (Public Affairs) by Joel Kurtzman

“Finally, some good news about the U.S. domestic economy and its place in the global economy. Contrary to doomsday predictions, the U.S. is poised for a second era of economic and political dominance on the world stage, argues economist Kurtzman. This is a thoughtful, well-researched book, but it’s the good news that makes it such good reading.” —Booklist

The Broken and the Whole: Discovering Joy after Heartbreak (Scribner) by Charles S. Sherman

“This is truly an unforgettable and amazing story – heart-wrenching, inspiring, and ultimately reassuring. There’s no denying the searing pain of heartbreak, but also no denying the strength of the human spirit to carry on. I can’t imagine a person that this wonderful book won’t touch. I loved reading every page.” —Wolf Blitzer, CNN anchor

I Believe in Zero: Learning from the World's Children (St. Martin's) by Caryl Stern

“Stern’s ability to bridge diverse cultures, language barriers, and economic circumstances through simple commonalities — she relates to women in Africa as a mother and gains insight into the experience of displaced persons from her Jewish heritage — is the greatest of many lessons she offers to those wanting to help children in crisis.” —Publisher's Weekly

The End of Big: How the Internet Makes David the New GoliathT (St. Martin's) by Nicco Mele

"An important read for anyone curious about what the future might look like ... the end of big is hitting many aspects of our lives. And Mele makes us seriously think about the world we live in today and, more importantly, how we'd like to live in it tomorrow." —Fortune

Cruel Harvest: A Memoir (Thomas Nelson) by Fran Grubb

"A story that seizes the reader's attention ... the reader can't look away." ―Publisher's Weekly



A Chance in the World (Thomas Nelson) by Steve Pemberton

"Through true grit and unyielding hard work with a high standard of dignity, Steve has not only become a leader in the business world but also an inspiration to those of all walks of life. Steve's book ... will open one's heart and leave no doubt on the unconquerable human spirit." ―Dave Pelzer, author of #1 New York Times Best Seller A Child Called "It"

War Crimes in Japan-Occupied Indonesia: A Case of Murder by Medicine (Potomac Books) by J. Kevin Baird and Sangkot Marzuki

“This book is a celebration of the power of justice and offers an invaluable contribution to the understanding of this dark chapter in history.” —Yuki Tanaka, professor of history at Hiroshima University and coauthor of Beyond Victor’s Justice? The Tokyo War Crimes Trial Revisited

When Life Throws You a Curve: One Girl's Triumph Over Scoliosis (Five Star Publications) by Elizabeth Golden

"An insightful, honest, and ultimately uplifting account of one girl's battle with scoliosis. Elizabeth Golden's book is filled with lessons about courage, acceptance, grace, and the importance of family and friends. An inspiration to us all." —Suzy Welch, Co-author of the international bestseller, Winning

God Said Yes (Berkley) by Heather Hornback-Bland and Ninie Hammon

“Riveting…a roller coaster of emotions, an honest, transparent page-turner.”
—Don Piper, author of 90 Minutes in Heaven and Heaven Is Real



The Lahey Clinic Guide to Cooking Through Cancer: 100+ Recipes for Treatment and Recovery (The Countryman Press) by the Lahey Clinic Sophia Gordon Cancer Center



The American Spirit: Celebrating the Virtues and Values that Make Us Great (Thomas Nelson) by Edwin J. Feulner and Brian Tracy

"Feulner (Getting America Right), president and co-founder of conservative think-tank The Heritage Foundation, and Tracy (Something for Nothing), an organizational consultant, bring their political and business-world know-how together for this celebration of American exceptionalism." ―Publisher's Weekly

How to Say It: Business to Business Selling (Prentice Hall) by Geoffrey James

"... A short, pithy book with real-time examples that resonate - no matter what we sell. Read this book and you not only will sell smarter, but you will increase your success rate ten-fold. Geoffrey removes sales fears and puts the fun back in sales." ―Joanne Black, founder of No More Cold Calling


A Slice of the Pie: How to Build a Big Little Business (Portfolio) by Nick Sarillo

"There are only a few CEOs today who have the courage to put people before numbers. Nick Sarillo is one of those leaders. The best part is, his numbers are vastly better than everyone else's. We can all learn a lot about how to treat people and how to run a business from Nick. Inspire on!" ―Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why

World 3.0 (Harvard Business Review Press) by Pankaj Ghemawat

“An excellent new book… thoughtful and persuasive… [ Ghemawat’s] ambition is commendable and his argument compelling.” —International Affairs



Why Should Anyone Be Led By You (Harvard Business Review Press) by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones

“A rewarding read if you want to lead.” —Financial Times



The Abuse Excuse (Little, Brown) by Alan Dershowitz




The Disney Way (McGraw Hill) by Bill Capodgli and Lynn Jackson

"If Walt Disney had ever written a management book, this is what it would look like."­­ —Chris Murray, Editor-in-Chief, Soundview Executive Book Summaries



Redifining Global Strategy (Harvard Business Review Press) by Pankaj Ghemawat

Named one of the “Highlights from the Decade” in Strategy+Business Magazine



The Machine That Changed The World (Free Press) by  James P. Womack,  Daniel T. Jones,  an Daniel Roos

"The best current book on the changes reshaping manufacturing and the most readable."­­ —Business Week


Great People Decisions (Wiley) by Claudio Fernandez-Aroaz

"Fernandez-Araoz has captured the essence of building great teams with a masterful and entirely practical study of what goes into getting people selection right." —Jack Welch


Clever (Harvard Business Review Press) by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones

"A terrific new book" —The Financial Times 



Think Again (Harvard Business Review Press) by Sydney Finkelstein and Jo Whitehead and Andrew Campbell

"Think again, the authors say. They are right. Reading this book will not mean you pursue a mistake-free career. But choosing to read it may be one of your better decisions."—Financial Times


 Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists (Crown Business) by Raghuram G. Rajan and Luigi Zingales

“Rajan and Zingales take the Chicago school of economic theory in a new direction with an erudite, comprehensive defense of the free market system, steering a course between conservative isolationists and liberal antiglobalizationists.”―Publishers Weekly

Andy Grove (Portfolio) by Richard Tedlow

“A warm and discursive portrait of a complex man.”—Elizabeth Corcoran, San Francisco Chronicle 


The Arc of Ambition (Basic Books) by James Champy and Nitin Nohria

“Champy and Nohria show how readers can emulate those they've singled out, offering such advice as ‘return to ideas that have worked in the past’ and ‘include specific targets to make sure you remain focused’… the authors' well-honed and accessible presentation and fresh thumbnail profiles are surprisingly engaging.”―Publishers Weekly

Mindfulness (Da Capo Books) by Ellen Langer

“Stretches our minds in startling new directions.”—Howard Gardner



Internal Affairs (McGraw Hill) by Kathleen Neville

"Anything that closes down a working person's sense of opportunity--especially sexual harassment and discrimination--cuts off the main energy flow of the organization. Neville shows us that overall corporate responsibility begins with providing a sense of well-being for every single employee."—Gail Blanke, President and CEO of Lifedesigns

Breaking Through (Harvard Business Review Press) by David A. Thomas and John J. Gabarro

"A massive primer for professionals seeking to understand success and employers who wish to foster diversity in their upper ranks."—The Boston Globe


Five Frogs On A Log (HarperBusiness) by Mark L. Feldman and Michael F. Spratt

“Feldman and Spratt build upon their basic theory—that speed is of the essence in corporate upheavals of this type—by offering pragmatic solutions for the myriad problems that invariably arise.”—Howard Rothman


In Defense of Women (Beacon Press) by Nancy Gertner

“Nancy Gertner's In Defense of Women is fascinating, fearless and fun, an exemplary life told with both wisdom and warmth.”—Jeffrey Toobin, Author of The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court


The Road to Someplace Better (Wiley) by Lillian Lincoln Lambert




Making a Life, Making a Living (Business Plus) by Mark Albion

"Albion's book powerfully illustrates what can be accomplished when, in our work lives, we use our heads while following our hearts."―Publishers Weekly



Along the Roaring River (Wiley) by Hao Jiang Tian




The Cleveland Clinic Way (McGraw Hill) by Toby Cosgrove




Conversational Capacity  (McGraw Hill) by Craig Weber




An Actor and A Gentleman (Wiley) by Lou Gosset Jr.

"Gossett looks back on an impressive career that includes his Oscar-winning role in An Officer and a Gentleman and Emmy-winning work in Roots, but also a lifelong struggle with alcohol and drugs."―Publishers Weekly


Denial (Portfolio) by Richard Tedlow

“This lucid and scary history of our proclivity to deny uncomfortable truth is Richard Tedlow at his analytical best. But plan ahead before you pick it up. It is very hard to put down.”—Clayton M. Christensen, Author of The Innovator’s Dilemma


Seeds of Terror (Picador) by Gretchen Peters

“Stunning . . . A must-read for all western policy makers and President Obama.” ―Ahmed Rashid, New York Times Bestselling author of Taliban and Descent into Chaos


From Idea to Success (McGraw-Hill) By Gregg Fairbrothers and Tessa Winter

"There are many books on entrepreneurship, but this is one of the few that will convert individuals into entrepreneurs." ―Desh Deshpande, founder of Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation


The Home Port Cookbook (Globe Pequot Press) by Will Holtham

"Now that Will has finally decided to share his many culinary secrets with the rest of the world, I look forward not only to kicking off the summer with an amazing dinner at the Home Port, but also to having a little piece of it with me all year long." ―Michael J. Fox

The Misleading Mind: How We Create Our Own Problems and How Buddhist Psychology Can Help Us Solve Them (New World Library) by Karuna Cayton

"Through his many years of deep study of Buddhist psychology, sincere introspection, and work at helping others, Karuna Cayton has gained genuine wisdom, which he generously shares in The Misleading Mind ... This is a clear, grounded, and useful guidebook for working with the mind and heart." ―Lorne Ladner, PhD, psychologist and author of The Lost Art of Compassion

You Can't Fire Everyone: And Other Lessons from an Accidental Manager (Portfolio) by Hank Gilman

"... It's rare to find such an insightful leader who takes the time to reflect on what has worked, and hasn't worked, throughout his career. This book is not only entertaining but a must read." ―Ram Charan, Fortune 500 CEO Consultant and bestselling author of The Talent Masters with Bill Conaty

Driving Excellence: Transform Your Organization's Culture - And Achieve Revolutionary Results (Hyperion) by Mark Aesch

"This commitment to performance-driven management in the public sector is a very timely message to nurse our nation back to financial health. Through a commitment to courageous leadership, the results that Aesch and his team have achieved give us all a road map for lower taxes and high-performance government." ―Rudy Giuliani, chairman and CEO Giuliani Partners, and former Mayor of New York City

Walking Israel: A Personal Search for the Soul of a Nation (St. Martin's Press) by Martin Fletcher

"Extraordinary ... nothing else like it. There is no better guide. Indispensable for understanding Israel." ―Brian Williams, NBC News


What Americans Really Want ... Really: The Truth about Our Hopes, Dreams, and Fears (Hyperion) by Frank Luntz

"When Frank Luntz invites you to talk to his focus group, you talk to his focus group." ―Barack Obama, spoken on June 28th, 2007, to a PBS-sponsored focus group following the Democratic presidential debate at Howard University.


Evolution Rx: A Practical Guide to Harnessing Our Innate Capacity for Health and Healing (Perigee) by William Meller, MD



The Dead Janitors Club: Pathetically True Tales of a Crime Scene Cleanup King (Sourcebooks) A Memoir by Jeff Klima




Don't Bring It To Work: Breaking the Family Patterns that Limit Success (Jossey-Bass) by Sylvia Lafair

"This book is emotionally engaging and the message is fantastic." ―Robert Sutton, author of The No Asshole Rule


Singing Was the Easy Part (St. Martin's Press) by Vic Damone with David Chanoff

"A crooner's breezy memoir ... Damone looks back at his life and career, recalling his Depression-era Brooklyn boyhood and his vertiginous trajectory up the pop charts and into the inner circle of the Rat Pack...He offers tales of vengeful mobsters, celebrity heartbreak, and carousing in Las Vegas at the height of its glamour...A forthright, compelling look at a vanished, glittering era of show business." ―Kirkus

Border Crosser: One Gringo's Illicit Passage from Mexico into America (Random House) by Johnny Rico




Successful Onboarding: A Strategy to Unlock Hidden Value Within Your Organization (McGraw-Hill) by Mark A. Stein and Lilith Christiansen

"... This book demonstrates how sound and creative onboarding can prevent a lot of voluntary off-boardinig from high performing employees." ―Sonia Narang, Director, Leadership & Organization Development, Sony Pictures Entertainment


The Cost of Bad Behavior: How Incivility Is Damaging Your Business and What to Do About It (Portfolio) by Christine Pearson and Christine Porath

"A fascinating, not-to-be missed book!"―Marshall Goldsmith, bestselling author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There


Who: Solve Your #1 Problem (Random House) by Geoff Smart and Randy Street

"Knowing what to do is not the major challenged faced by executives-finding WHO to do it is! Here's great advice for a talent-hungry world." ―Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There


Stirring It Up (Hyperion) by Gary Hirshberg, Founder & CEO Stonyfield Farms

"Gary Hirshberg dared to dream new ways of doing business based on respect for customers, employees, and the earth. And, it worked. If you buy or sell anything, or simply want to feel hopeful about the future, this lively and legitimately optimistic book is worth every minute." ―Robert Redford


Breaking News (St. Martins Press) by Martin Fletcher

"For decades Martin Fletcher has been the gold standard of television war correspondents, and his new book is a real life, cross-continent adventure story ... It's a great and moving read." ―Anderson Cooper


Innovation Nation (Free Press) by John Kao

"What most recommends Mr. Kao is that he is an entrepreneur in his own right ... If Orson Welles and Peter Drucker were somehow to mate, the resulting progeny might be something like Mr. Kao." ―The Economist


Selling the Fountain of Youth: How the Anti-Aging Industry Made a Disease out Getting Old - and Made Billions (Basic Books) by Arlene Weintraub

"Weintraub mixes acute reportage with a censorious tone." ―Publisher's Weekly


The Man Who Sold America: The Amazing But True Story of Albert D. Lasker and the Creation of the Advertising Century (Harvard Business Review Press) by Jeffrey L. Cruikshank and Arthur W. Schultz



No Mans Land: Where Growing Companies Fail (Portfolio) by Doug Tatum

"This is a really important book ... Doug Tatum knows more about the subject, and has thought more deeply about it, than anyone else on the face of the earth." ―Bo Burlingham, editor at large, Inc. Magazine



The Satisfied Customer (Palgrave-MacMillan) by Claes Fornell

"Claes Fornell reminds us if we want to achieve long-term growth and success, companies must invest in their customers...Professor Fornell is providing an important resource for all of us who rely on customer satisfaction to drive the growth of our brands and businesses." ―David Brandon, chairman and CEO, Dominos Pizza, Inc.

The Ultimate Sales Machine (Portfolio) by Chet Holmes

"Chet has the best material Ive seen for how to attract an army of top producers and how to get the most out of them once you get them." ―T. Harv Eker



Blood Makes the Grass Grow Green (Presidio Press) by Johnny Rico

"His precise, evocative prose balances pathos and humor with an almost destructive compulsion for honesty and so much frustrated wit that, even at his most naked and sensitive, he holds nothing sacred. A timeless story of confounded youth and its eternal struggle for meaning, this book may well signal the birth of a titanic new voice" ―Publisher's Weekly STARRED Review

50+ (St. Martins Press) by Bill Novelli, CEO, AARP

"A call to action to the boomers and their older brothers and sisters to reignite their passion for change and to make America a better place for all generations..." ―Juan Williams, NPR senior correspondent.


Where Value Hides (Wiley) by Stuart Jackson


The Brothers Bulger (Warner Books) by Howie Carr

"Not since Chicago and Al Capone has an American city had a relationship with a gangster like Boston had with Whitey Bulger. Howie Carr knows where all the bodies are buried. After reading The Brothers Bulger, I can tell you Howie is lucky his body is still above ground." ―Bill OReilly, Anchor, Fox News Channel


Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger's Irish Mob (Regan Books) by Kevin Weeks and Phyllis Karas

"Brutally honest. Kevin Weeks lands a knockout punch with this compelling look at one of the most intriguing figures in the American underworld." ―George Anastasia, bestselling author of The Last Gangster


Words That Work: Its Not What You Say, Its What People Hear (Hyperion) by Frank Luntz

"Language is like music. Unfortunately, the Republicans have a Paul McCartney in the person of Frank Luntz. Somehow, we Democrats got stuck with Yoko Ono." ―Al Franken



Leading from the Front: Marine Corps Leadership for Women (McGraw-Hill) by Captains Courtney Lynch and Angie Morgan

"Learning to lead is important for all women. Leadership skills help you make a difference at work, at home, and in your community. Leading from the Front provides women with 10 relevant principles that will complement any leadership style." ―Senator Elizabeth Dole

The Untied States of America (Crown Books) by Juan Enriquez

"Priority number one for all of us these days, from the White House to Main Street to pillow talk about our lives and careers, is thinking deeply about uncomfortable truths and possibilities. I guarantee that Untied will bring on a big case of the intellectual fidgets and provoke deep thought ... It is a masterpiece." ―Tom Peters


The Case for Peace (Wiley) by Alan Dershowitz

"Alan Dershowitz has been on the forefront of making the case for Israel and against terrorism. Now he turns his attention to making the case for peace. He understands, as I do, how difficult it is to achieve peace with security. He confronts these difficulties with insight and with the benefit of years of experience." ―Ariel Sharon

Startups that Work (Portfolio) by Joel Kurtzman

"Startups That Work by Joel Kurtzman shares research and guidance on what makes or breaks a new company. This is a valuable book." ―Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One-Minute Manager and The Secret


Winning (Harper Business) by Jack Welch

"New York Times Bestseller - When you talk with Jack about management, his energy and passion fill the room. You get a similar experience with this book the same qualities jump at you from every page." ―Warren E. Buffett


Brand Simple (Palgrave-Macmillan) by Allen Adamson

"Will inspire the reader who is hoping to develop a breakthrough idea." ―Philip Kotler


The Mortician Diaries (Inner Ocean) by June Nadle


MBA in A Box: The Practical Guide to the Big Ideas of Business (Crown Business) by Joel

Kurtzman with Glenn Rifkin and Victoria Griffith

"MBA in a Box can be a valuable resource no matter where you are in your career." ―Larry Bossidy, coauthor of Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done


The Case for Israel (Wiley) by Alan Dershowitz

"A lively, hotly argued broadside against Israel's increasingly venomous critics." ―Washington Post Book World


Double-Digit Growth: How Great Companies Achieve It No Matter What (Portfolio) by Michael Treacy
"Treacy's core argument that companies do not view growth as a discipline in its own right is original and quite profound." ―Financial Times



Confessions of the Other Mother (Beacon Press) by Harlyn Aizley


The Unspeakable (Associated University Presses) by Denise Brown


A Call to Service: My Vision for a Better America (Viking) by Senator John Kerry




Get Your Ship Together: How Great Leaders Inspire Ownership from the Keel Up
(Portfolio) by D. Michael Abrashoff

"Navy Commander D. Michael Abrashoff uses a leadership model that’s as progressive as any in business." ―Fast Company


The Watson Dynasty: The Fiery Reign and Troubled Legacy of I.B.M.s Founding Father and Son (Harper Business) by Richard Tedlow


Its About Time: Great Recipes For Everyday Life (Steerforth Press) by Michael Schlow

"Michael Schlow is my favorite chef, and this book is just like he is warm, funny, real, and brilliant in the kitchen." ―Jack Welch


As The Future Catches You (Crown) by Juan Enriquez

"By far the best book I know to help us understand and cope with the powerful technologies that are about to change every aspect of our lives." ―Roger Fisher, coauthor of Getting to Yes


Natures Keepers: The Remarkable Story of How The Nature Conservancy Became the Largest Environmental Organization in the World (Jossey-Bass) by Bill Birchard


Overpromise and Overdeliver (Portfolio) by Rick Barrera

"Overpromise and Overdeliver by Rick Barrera is a splendid book. Don’t miss it!" ―Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager


America the Broke (Doubleday) by Gerald Swanson


Reengineering the Corporation (HarperCollins) by Michael Hammer and James Champy
New York Times Bestseller.

"An important book that describes the principles behind a new and systematic approach to structuring and managing work." ―Peter Drucker


Chutzpah (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster) by Alan Dershowitz
New York Times Bestseller.

"Alan Dershowitz' message to American Jews is that second-class citizenship is intolerable. His mind is keen and quick and his argument is powerful. This is a courageous and important book." ―Saul Bellow



Balloon Animals (McGraw-Hill) by Aaron Hsu-Flanders



More Balloon Animals (McGraw-Hill) by Aaron Hsu-Flanders



Balloon Hats & Accessories (McGraw-Hill) by Aaron Hsu-Flanders



Discipline of Market Leaders (HarperCollins) by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema

*New York Times Bestseller.

It's taken over a decade of struggle in the telecommunications wars for AT&T to learn what is conveyed within the covers of this excellent book." ―Robert E. Allen, CEO, AT&T

Street Soldier: My Life as an Enforcer for Whitey Bulger and the Boston Irish Mob (Steerforth Press) by Edward Mackenzie, Jr. & Phyllis Karas with Ross A. Muscato

"Reluctant reformed criminal Mackenzie delivers a gritty tale of stunted childhood, vicious criminality, and struggle for redemption, all with the Irish flavor of South Boston. A tour of life on the edge with a charming, terrifying rogue." ―Kirkus


Why Smart Executives Fail (Portfolio) by Sydney Finkelstein

"A landmark book, certain to become a classic for illuminating the darkness about leadership failures." ―Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business at the University of Southern California and co-author of Geeks and Geezers


What (Really) Works (HarperCollins) by William Joyce, Nitin Nohria, Bruce Roberson

"The search for the sources of corporate success has fascinated managers and produced numerous books over the last two decades. What (Really) Works tackles this question with the most comprehensive and careful research ever attempted. Its findings, which are wise, practical, and revealing, represent an important contribution to management thinking." ―Michael Porter, Bishop William Lawrence university professor at Harvard University, author of Competitive Strategy, Competitive Advantage and The Competitive Advantage of Nations

It's Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy (Warner Books) by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff

"A truly great book" ―The Honorable Dr. William J. Perry, former U. S. Secretary of Defense


The New War: The Web of Crime that Threatens America 's Security (Simon & Schuster) by Senator John Kerry

"A riveting and penetrating look at the number one problem in international crime - illicit drugs." ―Joseph A. Califano, Jr., President, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University


Giants of Enterprise: Seven Business Innovators and the Empires they Built (Harper Business) by Richard Tedlow

"This remarkable book offers an unprecedented perspective on the creation of truly important companies and a revealing window onto the process of entrepreneurial leadership. Each rich portrait is a gem, but the real power of the book is its comparisons across men, across industries and across time." ―Michael E. Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, Harvard Business School

On the Road with Hillary: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Journey from Arkansas to the U.S. Senate (Viking) by Patrick S. Halley


The Yom Kippur War: The Epic Encounter that Transformed the Middle East (Schocken) by Abraham Rabinovich



Hope Dies Last: The Autobiography of Alexander Dubcek (Kodansha) 

"Had we all followed the road Alexander Dubcek pointed out, today we would be different. I pay homage to this man and bow down before him." ―Mikhail Gorbachev


Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom: The Complete Guide to Women's Health and Wellbeing (Bantam) by Dr. Christaine Northrup

"I recommend it to all women and also to all men who want to understand and nourish the women in their lives." ―Deepak Chopra, M.D.


Video & DVD Guide 2003 (Ballantine) by Mick Martin and Marsha Porter
"THE BEST." ―People Magazine


Bankruptcy 1995 (Little, Brown) by Harry E. Figgie, Jr. with Gerald J. Swanson, Ph.D.
New York Times Bestseller.

"A convincing case that America is on the verge of economic disaster. It genuinely and straight-forwardly addresses American's fear of the deficit." ―Boston Globe


In My Brother's Image: Twin Brothers Separated by Faith after the Holocaust (Viking) by Eugene L. Pogany

"A gripping, wrenching tale, a powerful addition to Holocaust literature." ―Boston Globe


Minding the Body, Mending the Mind (Addison Wesley) by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

"Dr. Joan Borysenko provides a clear understanding of the expanding march of medical science. Her book is a superb contribution." ―Norman Cousins


Goldwater (Yale University Press) by Barry Goldwater with Jack Casserly


Why Terrorism Works: Understanding the Threat, Responding to the Challenge (Yale University Press) by Alan Dershowitz

"How empowering to read a book on terrorism empty of both hypocrisy and polemicism."―David Mamet


The Vanishing American Jew: In Search of Jewish Identity for the Next Century (Little, Brown) by Alan Dershowitz

"I am a devoted fan of Alan Dershowitz' Chutzpah. His provocative ideas must be considered by all who care about the Jewish future." ―Benjamin Netanyahu


Clients for Life: Evolving from an Expert for Hire to an Extraordinary Advisor (Fireside) by Jagdish Sheth and Andrew Sobel

"In one fell swoop, master business strategists Jagdish Sheth and Andrew Sobel change that. Clients for Life is a landmark book. All 'white collar professionals' can learn from it. Dare I say it; this book is a 'must-read." ―Tom Peters


Reengineering Management: The Mandate for New Leadership (HarperBusiness) by James Champy

"A terrific read! A very well-written, wise and comprehensive guide for executives doing reengineering." ―Tony Athos, Consultant, Author of The Art of Japanese Management.


Genesis and the Big Bang: The Discovery of Harmony between Modern Science and the Bible (Bantam) by Gerald L. Schroeder, Ph.D.


When Race Becomes Real: Black and White Writers Confront their Personal Histories (Lawrence Hill Press) Edited by Bernestine Singley


Buying Dad: One Woman’s Search for the Perfect Sperm Donor (Beacon Press) by Harlyn Aizley