The Rees Agency was founded in 1983 by Helen Rees (1936-2015).  

A leader in the antiwar movement, Helen helped organize the 1969 Vietnam Moratorium that drew 100,000 protesters to the Boston Common,  the city’s largest demonstration.  She became a prominent figure in Massachusetts politics, and in 1972 was elected to serve as national committeewoman at the Democratic National Convention.   

Under Mayor Kevin White, she served as the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs for the City of Boston.  It was there that she firmly established herself at the intersection of culture, business and politics.  

Helen was one of the first literary agents established in Boston.  Some of her clients included Alan Dershowitz, Senator John Kerry, Jack Welch, Senator Barry Goldwater, and many more.  Numerous books and authors represented by Helen were New York Time’s bestsellers and today, many are relevant and prominent on bookshelves across the world.